Which Is Best For Attracting Talent: Job Boards Or Digital Marketing?

Which Is Best For Attracting Talent: Job Boards Or Digital Marketing? At a time when it can seem as difficult as ever for so many firms to source suitable candidates, your organisation may understandably be reviewing whether it is adopting the right talent-search approaches in 2018. Consider the long-time rivalry between job boards and digital marketing, for example. Some HR departments think job boards are an irrelevant relic of the old days of recruiting, while others consider them to still be useful. And is Digital Marketing Cutting-Edge or just an overhyped strategy with a far-from-clear return on investment (ROI)? We could debate these questions all day, so let’s take a quick look at each of these approaches. Is It Still Worth Bothering With Job Boards? Everyone knows how job boards work – both employers and jobseekers. They’re wonderfully simple to use, whether it’s the employer searching for a candidate’s CV, or a candidate looking for the latest uploaded vacancies.

But on the other hand, more than 70% of professionals are in the passive market. In other words, they’re not actively looking for a new role, so they’re unlikely to be using job boards and therefore placing their eyes on your advertised openings. So fair enough, you can’t completely ignore job boards – but nor are they the most efficient means of luring the best candidates. Digital Marketing Can Therefore Play A Useful Role ‘Digital marketing’ is a broad term referring to an assortment of methods for spreading awareness of your brand and its opportunities among potential candidates.

Nonetheless, if we focus on just one obvious example of digital marketing – social media – you may be interested to read that more than 50% of UK jobseekers use it to discover new job vacancies. That makes the use of popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter vital if your firm is to reach the broadest possible audience for its open positions. These sites are an especially rich source of Millennialjobseekers, only 17% of whom use job boards. These Strategies Can Be Even More Powerful When Combined The task of improving your firm’s recruitment approach shouldn’t come down to a mere shootout between job boards and digital marketing. Indeed, you are likely to achieve the best results when your organisation intelligently combines these paths, along with other methods for attracting talent. Remember that here at Webrecruit, for instance, we have a well-developed Talent Management Software package that can be instrumental in your efforts to source the candidates representing the best matches for your vacancies. Why not request a demo of our acclaimed Fusion platform today, or ask for a brochure outlining greater detail on the key role that it can play for your own firm?

These 3 Things Will Help To Shorten Your Hiring Process

These 3 Things Will Help To Shorten Your Hiring Process Few things that your company will ever do are as important as getting the right staff on board. It’s therefore hardly surprising that recruitment can be a longwinded process at times. But that’s no good. Every delay can heighten the risk that top candidates simply decide to look elsewhere – so what things will help to speed up your firm’s hiring process in 2018? The Right Technology The world of recruitment never stays the same for long, with new innovations continually coming to the fore. Industry-leading firms’ relentless streamlining and automation of their hiring process ups the ante for smaller companies – are you a 2010s business being held back by a 2000s recruitment approach? That’s precisely why so many hiring managers take an interest in Webrecruit’s Fusion Talent Management Software. It’s a scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that takes your talent pools out of Excel and gives you the tools and insight that you need to constantly refine your hiring process.

This, in turn, is vital for snapping up the best talent faster. The Right Recruitment Marketing While it’s naturally vital to appeal to potential candidates exactly where they are – which is increasingly such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – there’s much more that you need to do other than grabbing their attention. Is your firm’s Recruitment Marketing shipshape for 2018? By that, we mean, is the culture and dynamic of your company clearly shown through its careers site and social media posts? Oh, and have you tailored your recruitment marketing strategies with different generations in mind? The Right Employee Referral Scheme With LinkedIn having said a referral is the most common way for someone to find a new job – and that companies can expand their talent pool tenfold when they recruit through their employees’ networks – you may suspect 2018 is the year to implement such a program at your firm.

Don’t fall into the trap, however, of thinking that your company’s employee referral scheme needs to be complicated or expensive. Often, it’s the old-school methods that work best for something like this – such as simply asking your staffers who they know and who they think would be a good match to your company culture and the skills requirements for your vacancy. At a time when the improving economic picture around the world is emboldening many people to consider switching to a new job, there’s a lot of scope for your company to recruit great talent this year if it makes the right moves. Contact Webrecruit Now for a brochure about our acclaimed Fusion talent management software, or to discuss any of the other ways we can help you to match the ideal candidates to your job openings.